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What is Herweck Innovations?

We are a global technology and entertainment company. Our products engage, grow and stimulate our users to create ever more fulfilling entertainment experiences.

What are your Products?

Our revolutionary Lyric Delivery System (LDS) Peanut Butter will launch Fall 2018. It’s the worlds first Visual Lyric Identification App. Our second product Peanut Butter Fresh, our Add free paid version, will launch Q2 2019.

What is the Sisyphean Society?

The Sisyphean Society is our philanthropic organization started by our Founder Patrik Herweck alongside Herweck Innovations to directly participate in bettering the quality of life for individuals all over the globe. This is accomplished by our direct support of charitable and inventive initiatives on the ground fighting to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and least privileged members of society. 10% of our profits are donated to the Sisyphean Society and used in flowering these humanitarian efforts each year.

How can I download Peanut Butter?

Peanut Butter can be downloaded in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on your mobile devices today!!

How does Peanut Butter Work?

Peanut Butter uses a content recognition algorithm to identify your music instantly while connecting you simultaneously to a 40 million song database and the metadata associated with each song. After this, information is coupled with our groundbreaking mobile visualizer technology. We call this system the LDS- Lyric Delivery System or simply… Peanut Butter.

Infographic Link

What are some of Peanut Butter’s functionalities?

Identify content of over 40 million songs in mere seconds; deliver lyrics in a stream or block based on preferences; Visualizers on mobile platform in sync with environment or app being used; built-in integration with all social platforms and easy sharability using screenshot button; Start having fun today!!!

Where can I send suggestions or diagnostic reports about Peanut Butter?

Please use the space below to add your suggestions or report diagnostics to HI Support.